Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Job Possibility for Noah

N2 received some awesome building blocks for Christmas (if I do say so myself since I bought them!). They are fairly dense foam but yet light enough and soft enough that they don't hurt when knocked over.  We have been having a great time with these blocks and they have been strewn out all over my living room since they were opened.  There are a lot of them and they are big so it's hard to figure out where to store them.  We had thought to put them in Natalie's room but N2 love playing with the blocks so much that we don't want to store them upstairs.  I'll share some other block pictures later but now I want to show you Noah's accomplishment.

Noah has been quite the builder!  One afternoon, he managed to use all the blocks (over 60 of them) to build a tower with a wall.  He also has made the tower quite symmetrical at the beginning.  I was quite impressed!  Here are some pictures.  He wouldn't pose with his end product (except to stand right in front of the tower!)  So I had to settle with him looking uninterested on the couch.

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