Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Downtown-part 1

We met Marcie, Amelia and Megan on the train to go downtown to play in Millennium Park.  The train was quite crowded once Marcie and her girls got on but we did manage to save seats.  Noah looked for Aunt Marcie, Amelia and Megan at every stop!

The kids really enjoyed sitting together.  Here are 2 pictures of them showing us their tickets-the first one everyone is looking at the camera but not all smiling and the second one there are more smiles but Megan's not looking at the camera.

We headed down to Millennium park and stopped to put sunscreen on.  Megan decided to show us what an acrobat she is!
We went to the bean and explored that for a while.

I thought the inside of the bean was so fun with all the angles and the distortions it made.  We're all in the bottom picture as well.  Can you find us?

Stay tuned for downtown part 2!  I'll have pictures of the fountain.

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