Thursday, July 26, 2012

Downtown-part 2

Although it was a coolish day (certainly beats the 90s and 100s we've been having), we decided we'd play in the Crown Fountain.  Amelia, Noah and Megan went off very willingly and splashed through the fountains.  Noah and Amelia would go back and forth, back and forth splashing while running.  They also loved chasing each other.  Megan was happy just to wander and kick water up with her feet as she wandered.  She was also intrigued by what Noah and Amelia were doing.  Natalie on the other hand sat sullenly on the side with me.  She did go out in the fountain for a brief period of time but not for long.  There was no convincing her that the fountain was a fun place to play.  I think she was cold.  Here are some shots of the kids playing in the fountain.

 Here are Amelia and Noah playing chase.

 Noah is contemplating running through the spray.
Amelia and Noah decided to lay down in the water and blow bubbles.  Not sure how clean the water is, but hey, why not?
I am including this picture because it shows that Natalie was actually there and did go in the fountain.  Hey, she's even smiling!
And here's Natalie sitting on the sideline looking forlorn.
Stay tuned for downtown part 3.  I'll have pictures of the race through the great lawn and more fountain pictures!  See, I told you I had a million photos!  There will still be another day of sliding down the Picasso statue!

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