Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacation Day 3-July 5th

We started out our first day in Omaha by heading out to the Strategic Air and Space Museum.  Since it was so hot, we opted to do things that were indoors.  The Strategic Air and Space Museum is where the Strategic Air Command used to be housed (well close to it).  This museum has 2 hangars that are packed full of airplanes. N2 were disappointed because you really couldn't go into any of them.  There were a couple cockpits that weren't in planes anymore that they could get in.  When we first drove up to the parking lot, there were very few cars.  This is what was in the parking lot.

Clearly we do not fit the standard of those who visit the Strategic Air and Space Museum.  Anyhow, onto the museum!  There are 3 large rockets outside and I forced my children to take a picture in front of one-they were not cooperative.
Poor N2 just kept wandering around looking for things they could climb into or things they could play with.  Here they are in the cockpit (that was not inside a plane).
 There was another semi cockpit that had an air controller station behind it.  They took turns "driving the plane" as they called it and navigating.
There was a section on space travel as well and there was a space suit that you could put your head in to capture a picture.

Here are some of the planes that we saw.  The first one is a B1 Bomber.  Brian said that he remembers these be really secretive when we were kids and he was amazed to actually get to see this plane.
 This one is a B29 Bomber.  I was struck by how many guns were on board-out the front, the side of the front, the back and I think some were out the side of the plan as well.
 This one is a B52.  This plane was huge!
 I really liked the back of this plane-it made me think of a silly face.  Brian told me it makes the plane more aerodynamic.  That's no fun!
I'll have to post about our afternoon later because the internet at the hotel and blogger are being so slow-this post has taken me probably 45 minutes to write!

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