Monday, July 23, 2012

The Crown Fountain part 2

I know I haven't posted the Crown Fountain pictures or any pictures from when we went downtown with Marcie and her girls but there are so many pictures!  There are much fewer pictures for this day!  I'll have to take some time to sort through the billion pictures soon!

We went downtown with Aunt Lisa, Charlie, and Grandma Weidner so that we could visit Grandpa Weidner at his work and have lunch with him.  He works just north of Millennium Park.  N2 and Charlie had a great time on the train.  They all sat with Aunt Lisa and Grandma the whole time!  It was nice!

We got down there early enough to visit the bean and play in the Crown Fountain.  N2 tried to hold up the bean by themselves!  What a strenuous job!

Charlie and Noah had a great time playing in the fountain.  Noah went up to the wall and would touch the wall and then run away.  I'm not sure if he touched the wall last time or not.  Natalie for some reason was unwilling to go in the fountain.  I finally dragged her in (crying) and forced her to have a good time (how bad is that?)  She finally decided it was fun to run in circles and chase mommy and daddy in the fountain.  By this time both Noah and Charlie were done playing in the fountain.  Oh well! No idea what her hang up is with the fountain.  It wasn't cool like last time.

Not sure what Noah was intending to do here but he was facing east.
We listened to some of the rehearsal for an upcoming concert at the bandshell.  Then we walked over the bridge and went to Grandpa's building.  Aunt Lisa told N2 to look inside the building and look for Grandpa.
We ate lunch at Mariano's (yes, the grocery store).  They had so many food options-a huge salad bar, hot meals that change every day, a pizza take out that makes individual pizzas, a sandwich place and the deli had meal prices.  Everyone could get whatever they wanted!  After that we took the bus back to the train station.  All the kids were tired but no one fell asleep on the train.

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