Monday, July 16, 2012

Multiples Picnic

The last Saturday in June we attended my multiple's club picnic.  Because it's our 25 anniversary as a club, the club provided a clown to do balloon animals and a facepainter.  I could not convince N2 to get their faces painted but they did want balloon animals.  Noah was insistent that he get a caterpillar.  The clown said she had not made one in several years but was nice enough to make one for Noah.  Natalie got a bumble bee (which I did not get a picture of).
Noah happily played with his balloon animal while waiting for Natalie to eat dinner.  She has become the pokiest little eater these days!  The picnic was at Willow Stream Park (we went there, didn't we Marcie?).  Each time we go there N2 have to pose on the panda.
Finally at the very end of the picnic, Noah decided he wanted his face painted after he saw all the other kids (mainly girls) with their faces painted.  Here's Noah.


  1. Hmmm, I don't remember Willow Stream Park, where is it? I only remember the one where Noah pretended to sleep on the picnic bench. Which did not have a giant panda. Oh wait, is it that big one in Buffalo Grove, where we had to leave after only a few minutes of playing because Amelia wasn't being a good listener? I love Noah's rainbow face!

    1. It is in Buffalo Grove. It was the park that had a rubbery surface-no woodchips or anything like that. I don't remember you having to leave but maybe you did.