Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bag painting

Not sure what to call this as it is not finger painting!  I saw on Pinterest an idea to put 2 colors of paint in a ziplock bag, tape them to the table and let the kids play with the paint.  I can't remember why I pulled this out recently-maybe one of my kids wanted to paint and I didn't feel like dealing with the mess.  It was a day Brian was home too.  Maybe it was raining???

What I couldn't figure out was if you were supposed to put the paper inside the bag or under the bag.  So I put the paper inside the bag.  I'm also not sure if I used enough paint!  I pulled out red, yellow and blue paint and asked N2 to pick two colors to put in their bags so they could see how the colors mixed.  Natalie chose yellow and blue and Noah chose red and blue.

We could see that blue and yellow made green.  It was harder to tell with red and blue.  I think Noah told me it made brown.  Admittedly it didn't look too purple!  The only problem with this is Natalie used her finger nails and scratched the bag so paint started coming out.  I put it in another bag and that seemed to be OK.  Natalie played with this much longer than Noah.  We also ran cars over the paint and made tire tracks.
The paper seemed to absorb the paint and after a while there wasn't much paint to move around.  I ended up throwing out one of the bags after not too long and putting red and yellow in another bag and this time I put the paper under the bag.  That didn't seem to be the solution either!  Overall it was fun but unlike the blogger that I got the idea from, I couldn't keep the bags around for a week!


  1. Oh, funny, we just did this, too! Amelia wanted red, white, and purple paint on black paper, and I had to put in a ton of paint in order for it to cover all the paper. We didn't think to roll cars over it, that sounds like fun. I tried to pull the paper out of the bag the next day, and it was completely soggy and ripped. I don't think it was an interesting enough project to keep around for a whole week anyway, regardless of whether it would keep well. Amelia was bored with it before 10 minutes was up (although if we'd added cars or dinosaurs or something, it might have lasted longer).

    1. Natalie did play with it for a while-probably half an hour.

  2. Maybe I should try that with Abigail since I got some paint on sale. At least this way she could not eat it.