Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Treehouse

Almost 2 weeks ago, we met up with our friends Ian and Jake at the Treehouse in Deerfield.  We were supposed to meet up outdoors but it rained in the morning.  This was the cheapest indoor option we could find (I think it is $2 a kid, maybe $3).  When we got there I thought to myself, why have we not been here before?  Then I remembered their website says that you have to be 3.  N2 and Ian and Jake were the oldest kids there.  I think most of the kids there (and there weren't that many) were all under 3.  I guess they don't enforce their rule!

It's a nice indoor play place-not a huge place but my kids didn't get bored.  They have a seesaw, a firetruck, a log cabin, a slide and maybe a few other small things.  Then they have a huge enclosed ball pit with tunnels leading to a slide and other tunnels.  The one area that N2 and Ian and Jake played in the most reminded me of the TV game "Wipeout."  In this area, there were 3 punching bag like things hanging from the ceiling.  The kids would stand at the edge of the tunnel and then jump onto one of the punching bags and hold on for as long as they could.  They would eventually fall off.  We had problems when kids landed on top of each other but for the most part, they had a great time!  Sorry for the pictures, it was enclosed so I had to take the pictures through mesh.

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