Thursday, September 6, 2012

Teacher Gifts

I wanted to make something for N2 to take to their teacher's on Open House.  It was hard to narrow down what to make but I finally decided I wanted to put school supplies in a resuable cup.  Here's what I made.

I used Back 2 School by Scraps by Andrea to make the tag

 I put hershey kisses, paper clips of various designs (arrows, hands, feet, triangles, circles, squares), tiny binder clips (I would have put larger ones in but Wal-mart did not sell bigger ones that were nice patterns), colored pencils and crayons.  The tricky part was to cut paper for the middle that was tapered.  The first one I just had to keep trimming and trimming until it fit.  The second one went together must faster but I tapered too much.  Oh well!  Their teacher, Mrs. Kathy, really liked the idea and said she would use the idea for a gift for someone!

Here are their first day of school pictures in case you missed them on Facebook.  I got so many good pictures!

All I did to make the frame was open an 8x10 canvas in photoshop, fill it with a chalkboard green and then type out the words.  I did run an action on the words to get them to look a little grungy.  Then I printed it out and trimmed off the sides.  I took a picture off my wall, pulled out the glass and picture and put this in.

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