Monday, September 24, 2012

Monster Machines

A month ago we went to the Monster Machine event at Wagner Farm with Grandma D.  They charged admission but there was so much you could do!  N2 love to ride in the bucket trains and they could have done that all afternoon long!
There was a spot you could make ropes, so each one took turns turning the crank.  They love their ropes and use them all the time to play with at home!

They had children's games as well-Bozo buckets and tossing bean bags through holes.  N2 played both of those.  They got prizes for the games.  They also got farm animal tattoos.  We also wandered around and looked at the animals.  But they also had BIG TRACTORS and other trucks. How exciting!  You could climb up in the drivers seat on all the vehicles!

 It was a hot day and there was no shade out by the tractors.  The event was held in the afternoon (I think it started at 1).  So Noah found some shade under the tractor :)

Noah also found shade in the wheel of the tractor.  I think he was tired and hot!  We went to the dairy bar after that (along with everyone else in Glenview and they had their slowest workers there as well) to cool off.  This was a very fun event and we would go back again.  The hard part is trying to find out information about it!  Wagner Farm's website doesn't list it at all. We had seen the info at the Lake County fair and assumed to could find it online.  Wrong!  I actually found it on the Lake County Fair's website because the proceeds benefited the livestock barns or something like that.

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