Saturday, January 5, 2013

Children's Neighborhood Museum

My Multiple's Group had a playdate at the Children's Neighborhood Museum in Round Lake in early December.  The museum was open just for our club so it was really nice!  We had about 17 kids so it wasn't too crowded.  N2 had a great time playing.  They, of course, spent the most time in the fire truck wearing the fireman outfits.  They also have a fire truck cozy coupe and they love to ride that around.

They also have discovered the dress up center and stage there.  They both love to dress up and dance.  Noah was disappointed that they didn't have any fancy shoes (or tap shoes) to fit his feet.

They also really enjoyed playing with the big pipes (a la Blue Man Group).

I love this museum as do N2.  I need to remember to go back since we purchased a membership!  They have member only hours so I'll have to try those out.

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