Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Downtown Tradition

Marcie already posted about our trip downtown but I figured that I would show off some pictures that I captured as well.  Here are all the kids walking to the train.

Here we are riding on the train.  I love Megan's big hazel eyes in this first picture!

Here are the kids looking at the windows.  I did manage to get one of all the kids looking at the windows!
 Grace thought Amelia should take a picture with this window because the girl riding on the reindeer was wearing purple and Amelia loves purple!
We went inside and wrote letters to Santa.  In this picture of Natalie,, it really looks like she was really contemplating what she was going to write to Santa!

After lunch, we decided to enjoy some Frango mint ice cream.  Yum!  Here are all the kids enjoying their ice cream.

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  1. You got some good photos, especially on the train. I like the one of Megan!