Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Concert

N2's preschool had a Christmas concert for all the kids in preschool.  I was hoping that this year N2 would sing since they had experienced this before.  Last year they didn't sing at all!  They just stood there and looked a little shell shocked that they were standing up in front of so many people.  This year I'm happy to report that Natalie did sing most of the time and did the motions for the most part.  There were times that she got a little distracted but she did a great job! Their class sang "Jesus Loves Me," "The Virgin Mary Had a Baby," and "Cascabel."  Cascabel is Jingle Bells in Spanish.  There was a Spanish part (that the kids mainly just screamed through with the exception of the word "cascabel") and there was the English "Jingle Bells" part.  They wore wrist jingle bells for this one.

In the first photo, Natalie is making the sign for Bible in "Jesus Loves Me."  In the second one she is making the sign for baby in the song "The Virgin Mary Had a Baby."

Here Natalie is doing something from the song "The Virgin Mary Had a Baby."  They were supposed to be tapping their heads.
Now you may wonder what Noah is doing in these pictures and why I haven't mentioned him.  Well, this church has BIG projection screens (not sure why since it's NOT a large church where the people in the back wouldn't be able to see) and they were being used during the concert.  Noah realized (as he did last year) that he could see himself on the screen so he stood facing backwards for most of the concert looking at himself (well and maybe looking at the other kids too).  I don't know if he figured out why he couldn't see his face.  He did turn around on occasion.  His teacher mentioned afterwards that she didn't know what to do about it so she did nothing.  She said it was a new problem for her.  I told her that he had done it last year and the owner, Miss Jane, turned him around several times.  I wish she would have said something to him but oh well.  You can see in this picture that he's trying to look at himself while also singing.  I'm not sure how much singing he did since we could only see his back the most part!  And finally here's a picture of him looking forward!
 Afterwards their teacher, Miss Kathy, wanted pictures with all the kids.

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