Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Morning

N2 were very excited to wake up on Christmas and see if Santa came.  We made them wait on the top of the stairs until Brian and I were ready to go downstairs.  Check out Natalie's hair in this picture!  I really don't know what to do with it! We blow dry it at night so she's not going to bed with wet hair. Sigh.
Here's what our Christmas tree looked like on Christmas morning (most of the presents were already gone since we did Christmas twice already!).
For some reason our church moved up both their services by an hour so we went to 8 am mass instead of our normal 9 am.  There were hardly any families there with kids!  Before mass N2 were able to open their stockings.  I think their favorite thing was the ropes they got for leashes for their animals!  They do go around N2's middles as well so they can pretend to be puppies and be walked.  The finger ring flashlights were pretty cool too!  In the first picture you can see the rectangular thing next to the butterfly.  Santa found those at the $1 store!  They are black "paper" that comes with stencils and a stick with a point and you scratch off the black and underneath is a rainbow paper and in Natalie's case a glitter paper.  They really loved doing those for a while.  They have forgotten about them now.

After church, they were able to open the rest of their presents.  Here they opened the alphabet book that mommy made and other presents.

At the end, they FINALLY got to open the big present (they saw the box for it in the recycling bin-oops).  Note how quickly Noah grabs the helicopter before even finishing unwrapping the present.  They played with this for the rest of the day and they continue to play with it almost every day.

They also got some movies for Christmas.  We watched Wall-e and they weren't too interested in it.  We've since watched Mary Poppins and oh my, how glued to the TV they were!  If you haven't tried Mary Poppins with your kids, try it!


  1. I had a thought about Natalie's hair. Amelia's hair gets frizzy and tangly every morning, and so I started using a detangling spray (it's one specifically for kids, Suave, maybe?) to help comb the tangles out, and it also helps make her hair less frizzy. So maybe you could try that.

    Also, we tried to watch Mary Poppins last summer and my kids didn't seem to get that into it. I'll have to try it again.

  2. I LOVE your kiddos' Christmas outfits! They look so precious!