Monday, January 7, 2013

Weidner Christmas

The day after the Dueber Christmas gathering, we had the Weidner Christmas gathering.  Natalie had found Aunt Lisa's antlers and loved wearing them.  They even blinked too!
Aunt Lisa crocheted N2 scarves (which is good because we can't find Natalie's scarf and I was in the process of making her one but I guess I can stop).  These scarves have animals at the end that their hands can fit in.  How fun!  (Adults cannot fit their hands in)!

They also got remote control cars which they were VERY excited about!

They got their first digital cameras and boy let me tell you what stellar photographers they are!  I'll have to share some of their pictures later (they also got the vests that they are wearing in this picture).

We gave Charlie things for his kitchen (which he didn't have yet).  He thought the banana was just great!

We also celebrated Grandma Weidner's birthday.  Lisa asked me to make a cake so I chose to make a chocolate peppermint cake.  Here;s what it looked like.  It was pretty yummy!

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