Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 10 Page and Arizona

We started out our day by touring the Glen Canyon Dam.  Here's a look at it from afar.

The elevator had been fixed so we were able to go into the dam.  You can only go into the dam by taking tours of it.  You have to go through security to go into the dam and there are security guards all over in the tour.  Here's a look at the dam close up from the top of the dam (I think).
Here's the output.  The green that you see in both pictures is grass.  The day before when we stopped to make reservations for the tour we saw someone on a riding mower cutting the grass  We asked why there is grass.  It's there because there is dirt under it and water does leak up and they wanted to make sure that the dirt didn't wash away.
Here's a look at the lake that the dam formed.  You'll notice the barricades and those keep boats from coming any closer to the dam.
Here's a picture of the canyon on the other side of the dam.  That bridge is how you get across the canyon.  I think it's the only one for a long ways!
After that we were taken in an elevator down to the grass level of the dam.  There were got to see the turbines that were making electricity.  It was a fun tour!  We did their junior ranger program while we were there.

We left Page and drove to Winslow, Arizona where we were staying for the night.  We had to go quite out of the way to get there because there was a landslide that took out part of the road that would have been the more direct way to go.  They are working on paving a Navajo road and using that instead but that was closed.  We were so close to the Grand Canyon but we decided N2 wouldn't get anything out of it so we skipped it and will go there on another vacation.

Along the way we stopped off at Wupatki National Monument.  The kids were asleep so Brian went out and explored the Indian ruins on their own.  This national monument charged entrance per person not per vehicle.  What a rip off!  They had well preserved ruins that you could go into.

Then we drove to Sunset Crater to see an extinct volcano.  You could see where the lava flowed.  You weren't able to hike much at all around it.

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  1. I climbed Sunset Crater before Mom got up on my birthday in 1974. There was a lot of color in the inside part of the crater.