Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ice Chalk

I made this while Brian was gone for the weekend but we didn't do it until another day.  I thought ice chalk was really cool but Noah thought it was too hot outside so he didn't really want a part in this activity!  I found the idea at Reading Confetti.  She has quite a few ways to make ice chalk but I went with ice cube trays because that is what I had!

Ice Chalk:
food coloring
dish soap

Mix equal amounts of cornstarch and water together (I think I did half a cup of each).  Add some dish soap (just a squirt or two).  Mix.  Pour into ice cube trays and add food coloring.  Mix the color into the mixture.  Freeze.

I used the gel food coloring.  I'm not sure if the drops would make vibrant colors.  My hands did get slightly colored but not too bad.  The lady on Reading Confetti said that their hands got really stained and so she was going to try washable paint next.  The washable paint does not come off the driveway easily but the food coloring does.  So it's your choice!

When you color on the driveway, the chalk will appear wet and not colorful but as it dries, the color shows up.  Take a look.

They got tired of drawing with chalk and so then we dumped out the chalk and watched them melt and mix together.  That was really pretty!

I shook out the ice cube tray and it splatter painted the driveway!

Then we put the ice cubes in a row to see how they melted.  Clearly my driveway must slope to the left.  These ice cubes were in a straight line!

My driveway was so pretty!
I asked Noah why he didn't want to participate and he said it was too hot.  So maybe I'll try this in the afternoon when my driveway is more shady and when the temperature isn't hot.

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