Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 7-Goblin Valley

Right after breakfast we went to Goblin Valley to explore more.  We wanted to go early but Natalie decided to sleep in quite a bit!  But we did get to explore before it got too hot.  Mom and Dad told us about a cave we could find in the back wall and I spied it and another one while I was taking pictures the night before. So we headed to the back wall first so we could find the caves.  We spent the whole morning just climbing around in the back wall.  It's amazing how much there is to explore back there!

Brian climbed up even further from the cave.
We found an area in the back wall where Brian could actually climb behind it and there was a big amphitheater back there.  He could also look through the arch!
Here we are in another cave.  This cave had a cave on top of it that Brian probably could have pulled himself up into if he was just a little taller.

Here is one final picture of N2 making more goblin faces.
We had a great time to Goblin Valley and would definitely go back.  N2 did the junior ranger program there.  I was impressed that they had one because they are a state park.  We had to pay very minimally for the booklets.

From Goblin Valley we drove down to Monument Valley.  The drive was really pretty when we got down into the upper Glen Canyon area.  Along the way we stopped at Natural Bridges.  N2 weren't in the mood to hike (it was afternoon and they were tired) and it was hot, so we just looked at the 2 bridges from a distance.  The hikes have ladders that you have to climb down and I wasn't so sure about that with N2.  Natural Bridges is a National Monument and they also have a junior ranger program.

Here's Sipapu Bridge
Horsecollar Ruins
Kachina Bridge
We did hike down to Owachomo Bridge.  It wasn't that far of a hike.
Brian hiked through it and took a picture of N2 and I under the bridge.  Can you find us?

From there we drove the Moki Dugway and then went to Valley of the Gods.  Valley of the Gods has big monuments like Monument Valley and the road is unpaved.  They have a sign at the beginning that we took a picture of on my ipad and from that we tried to identify which monuments were which.  It was hard to keep track of as the mileages were not exact.  Brian really wanted to go to Valley of the Gods because they filmed part of Dr. Who there.  This is where I got sand in my camera.  Boo.

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