Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I found an idea on Growing a Jeweled Rose for having a watermelon day and doing all sorts of things with a watermelon.  We had a watermelon that we hadn't cut into yet so we decided we would have some fun.  It took some convincing to get Noah to participate because he wanted to do his own crafts but after a while, he decided he would have some fun.

The first thing we did was paint with a watermelon.  I took a big piece of butcher paper and laid it on the driveway.  We have a problem that our driveway is on an angle so it's hard to roll things.  I decided it was better to go sideways rather than down and up the driveway.  N2 picked 2 colors each and I squirted it on the paper.  They took turns rolling the watermelon back and forth to smudge the paint around the paper.  They couldn't just push it, they had to walk next to it to roll the watermelon to the other person.  There was a learning curve.

Here's our paper at the end.
We had to wash off the watermelon and I didn't have a big bin so we used a bucket.   That was difficult because the watermelon just barely fit in so it was hard to turn it.

We decided to do a watermelon craft.  I wanted to use the iron beads to make a slice of watermelon.  We didn't have a round mold so we used the inside of a flower.

This was NOT easy for them.  The beads are a little too small and they move so easily on the mold when you touch them.  I had to make most of this for them because they couldn't place a bead without knocking others over.  Maybe they aren't old enough yet.  I had to remake the one watermelon at least 3 times because my iron didn't heat them enough following the directions.  It said to put the iron on the beads for 10-20 seconds.  I needed a minute.  I wanted to hang these so I have to figure out how to make a hole.
After that we enjoyed a watermelon smoothie.  I used cubed watermelon, ice, sugar and some cool whip.  I think I added some liquid but I can't remember what.  We made these another day and added orange juice and that is a yummy addition!

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  1. Love the watermelon rolling! I've tried bead iron art with Ian too and those beads are pesky for little fingers! What fun ideas!