Sunday, July 7, 2013

The end of the trip

We stayed in Tulsa the night we left Albuquerque and on the way there we stopped in Oklahoma City because Brian wanted to see the memorial.  It was quite a moving memorial-especially the small chairs nestled around the bigger chairs.  N2 were solemn enough for the location.

The next day we went to the Tulsa Zoo before heading to St. Louis.  I was so surprised by the Tulsa Zoo.  It's really nice!  They have a good variety of animals and it looks like they are putting a lot of money into the zoo and making really nice spaces for the animals.  They have really nice buildings that feature different habitats.  It's definitely a zoo I would go back to if we were passing through.

In St. Louis we stayed with my Aunt Julie.  The evening we got there we walked down to the park in her neighborhood that I remembered going to when we would visit Grandma and Grandpa Dueber.  The following day we went to the zoo and met up with Marcie, Amelia, Megan and the Johnson clan.  Amelia and N2 really liked being together and looking at the animals.  It was really fun to watch the kangaroos because there was a mommy kangaroo carrying around a BIG baby in her pouch and she finally dumped the baby out.
We also met up with my Aunt Joanne and 2 of her kids-Bill and Kathy.  She had passes and offered to take us to the sea lion show (we had split up with Marcie by this point).  N2 LOVED watching the sea lions do different trick.  The one at the end went down a water slide and dove into the pool. (Sorry, this picture is blurry.  The other one I have of them isn't blurry but Noah isn't looking and Natalie is making a funny face).
After the zoo we tried naps but neither one napped.  Then we went to dinner at Aunt Joanne's house.  Thank you Aunt Julie for letting us stay at your house and thank you for all the food you got for us!  We really appreciate your hospitality!

That was the end of our trip.  We were supposed to stop in Bloomington-Normal and get together with college friends but I was not feeling well so we drove straight back home.  We had a great trip but it was nice to be home and back in our beds and sticking to somewhat of a schedule!

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