Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jewelry by Noah

While Brian was gone for the weekend, we did lots of projects so when we were having a a quieter morning, N2 decided they needed to create their own projects.  They decided they wanted to make their own necklaces (or neck-a-lace as Noah calls them-he makes it into a 3 syllable word).  They each made their own jewelry using pony beads and lanyards.  After Noah finished his, I noticed how symmetrical they were!  He made sure his necklaces had a pattern.  Impressive!

Anyone want to purchase a Noah original?  It might be worth money one day!  Here he is modeling one of his other necklaces that uses the tricornered beads.

Natalie wanted to show off her necklaces too.  She likes lots of beads on her necklaces!

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