Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Busy Bees Adventure Farm

***Long post with lots of pictures

We met up with Marcie, Amelia and Megan on Saturday at the Busy Bees Adventure Farm in Ft. Aktinson, WI.   This was such a fun place for the kids to play!  One of the events that they have throughout the day is the hog hustle.  They have piglets run around a pen with felt velcro flags on them and kids have to chase them to grab 2 flags.  We arrived just as they were starting the first one (Marcie wasn't there yet) and Natalie would NOT run around after the pigs.  Luckily she ran after then the next two times we participated.  It's really hard to get pictures of this because adults constantly were in the way of my camera!

Here are the piglets (named ham, bacon, pork, etc) waiting for the kids to chase them.

Off they go!
Here they get their flags.

All of the kids LOVED to chase the pigs but I think Megan enjoyed it the most.  We attended all of the hog hustles.  After that we went to see what else they on the farm.  They had plenty of goats that we could feed.   Luckily Aunt Marcie had quarters!  The big goats would butt aside the little ones but all the kids tried their hardest to feed the little ones.

There was a barn with more animals in it and my favorite with the kittens.  They were so cute and cuddly and small!  They were up for adoption and I wish I could have taken one home!  There were pot belly piglets there that we all get to pet and baby goats.  They all really enjoyed this barn but I didn't get good pictures.

The kids really enjoyed the tube slide where they sat on carpet squares.  There was an indoor and outdoor slides.

There were lost of fun things to play with outside-a music garden, an obstacle course, a tire obstacle course they could climb on, a tricycle track, and so much more.  (I only have pictures of Natalie on tires and obstacle course because I had taken her to the bathroom and the other kids had already done those two).

They had a trivia corn maze.  We had to get the kids to pay attention to the signs and try to figure out if they were true or false.  We would go the direction of the signs and if we hit a dead end we knew we answered the question wrong.  There was also a rope maze that the kids played in for a while.  They had fun climbing under and over the ropes.

We attended a puppet show that was the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff but instead it was the 3 Cows Gruff.  All the kids really liked it.  There were pretend horses right outside the barn and the kids really enjoyed riding on them.  Natalie even pretended to be a jockey.

A favorite was definitely the rat races.  Each kid got in a tube/wheel and started crawling or walking to get the wheel to move down the tracks.  They did this over and over and over again!  I even got in a tried it but it was hard because I got going too fast!

We took a ride on the hayride and we didn't know that it stopped at the pumpkin patch and we were expected to get out and pick a pumpkin.  We let the kids pick little ones.  I did not get good pictures of all the kids together-maybe Marcie did.
 Marcie also took lots of pictures so maybe she has more that she can share.  This was really a fun place and somewhere N2 want to go back.  Maybe we'll go during their spring fest!

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