Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunday at the Races

Three weeks ago, we went to Arlington Park for the family day.  We were disappointed to find out that they changed the times of the family events.  They used to start at noon and some things were open before that.  We we used to be able to go early, bring a lunch, eat and do activities before the races started at 1.  This year they didn't start any of the events until 1.  So we missed a few races while we stood in line for the ponies for 45 minutes (or more).  They did add a jumpy house this year and surprisingly there wasn't a long wait for that.  There was a longer line for airbrush tattoos!  N2 always enjoy riding ponies.  Charlie really enjoyed his ride too.
 This year they had an obstacle course for kids set up by some karate school.  N2 had fun although they showed off their non athletic prowess (Noah more so than Natalie)!

One of the nice parts is that you can go behind the stands and see the horses getting walked before their races and see the jockeys get on.  We had the opportunity to pet one of the horses that act as race marshals.  Those horses are big!  We were standing right the edge so the horse was in our face and it turned it's head right into Natalie's and my face!  Natalie got to pet the horse's nose which she loved!

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