Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Hairdos

We are trying to grow out Natalie's bangs.  They are not too long that they get into her eyes but she's looking a little unkempt if I don't do something with them.  Nothing stays in her hair at school so I don't know why I try!  But here she is with her cute little pigtails-I can't make them go back further because then the bangs wouldn't stay in!
Noah has decided recently that he wants a Mohawk.  He hasn't let me do his usual cut because he wants to grow out.  On Saturday he went to the bathroom and took a wet comb and tried to give himself a Mohawk.  So I fixed it and got it to stay with some wax and now this is his normal hairdo which I think looks absolutely cute!
The problem is getting it to stay.  I tried gel today but that didn't help.  He put up his hood when he went outside and it flattened out.  Any advice or is that just how it works?

I got some cute pictures of N2 together because they were such willing subjects!


  1. Abigail also likes to take stuff out of her hair at daycare. She has finally started pushing the hair out of her face though. She loves mohawks when she gets a bath mainly because of a monster that Marcie gave her that has a yellow mohawk. Her mohawk does not stay up for long.

  2. I have no idea how to get a mohawk to stay, I would have thought hair wax would be the best thing, but what do I know? Noah looks really cute!

    And so does Natalie with those cute pigtails. I've been growing Megan's bangs out for almost a year, and they are finally almost long enough to tuck behind her ears, and they will stay back when clipped with a clippie. It takes a long time!

  3. What precious pics!! Love 'em!

  4. What precious pics!! Love 'em!