Saturday, September 21, 2013


During the second summer session of swimming, Natalie was in Ray and we didn't have Noah in a class because there was a big mix up on the Y's part and he had been put in a class too low for him.  So Brian or I would work with him during Natalie's swim lessons.  He did really well working with us.  His confidence really improved.  We decided we would put him in Ray this fall because he can do it he just may not always think he can.

Natalie's class wasn't as good as the first Ray she was in.  In the first Ray class she was jumping off the starting blocks without being caught by a noodle or anything, surfacing and then swimming to the side.  In this class they were practicing jumping off the diving board and then being caught by a noodle.  They didn't even have to swim to the side themselves!  The Y just sent out a survey about their aquatics program and I gave them my mind!  We'll see how this class shapes up but with 6 kids in the class, there is not a lot of swimming time per kid.  The teacher that Natalie had at the beginning of the summer isn't teaching this session due to him not showing up all the time but hopefully he'll be able to teach again soon.

Here's Noah's class with Brian.  I'm really thinking about semi private lessons for N2 and just paying the exorbitant cost to get them more comfortable with swimming and then maybe we won't need swim lesson for too much longer.  Or maybe I need to look into another swim school.  I'm really debating this.

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