Sunday, September 8, 2013

Starting School

It's been busy and tiring around here lately.  N2 started back at school on the 22nd when I started school.  We've all being trying to get adjusted to the early rising. N2 at least take naps occasionally at school and we try to put them to bed early but I don't get naps or early bedtime!  We've had our far share of melting down easily and having short tempers with each other which generally means bedtime is approaching.  But N2 have been doing well at school according to their teacher (who is their same teacher as last year which we are very excited about).  I hear about some N2 stories through my father in law as he works with N2's teacher's husband.  Apparently Noah has invited Mrs. Kathy (their teacher) to have dinner with us!  I hope school continues to go well.


  1. How does Dale work with Mrs. Kathy? Did he suddenly decide to become a preschool teacher and I missed it? When are you having Mrs. Kathy over for dinner? I think that is very cute.

    1. I fixed it. It's Mrs. Kathy's husband.