Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Before I went back to work in August, I wanted to take N2 to Brookfield Zoo with Grace.  We found a nice, not hot day in August.  There were 2 baby giraffes-one was born in November (so not so much a baby anymore) and the other one was born June.  We also got to see 2 addax calves (apparently another calf was born in just the last week or two-they said their addax population almost doubled this year with 4 births of male calves).

That is the baby giraffe.  That tree stump is not that tall.  We also saw a bison that was eating from the other side of the fence!  He could easily stick his head out and back!

We really enjoyed going and see all the animals that they wanted to see and then we played in the play zoo for a while.

We're going to have to go back because they have snow leopard cubs-how cute is that?  They also have sloth bear cubs that we didn't see when we were there.  We'll have to find those too.

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