Saturday, July 18, 2015

Devil's Tower

On the 4th, after leaving Jewel Cave, we ventured to Devil's Tower.  We had seen some prairie dogs at Wind Cave and they both loved to watch prairie dogs.  They even bought themselves prairie dog stuffed animals at Wind Cave with money that they had been given.  I knew we needed to stop at Devil's Tower to see the prairie dog towns because I remember watching prairie dogs there.  There were tons of them and some were very close to the road.  I could have stayed to watch the prairie dogs for a lot longer but N2 complained that it was too sunny and warm (it was warm-this was definitely the hottest spot we had been yet).

 We then went to see the tower itself and get junior ranger badges (this was their 6th badge of the trip).  We walked all around the tower (I don't quite remember the trail around it being so long).  The tower looked different from the various sides which is something else that I don't remember.  Here is Devil's Tower from various angles.

There are climbers in the photo on the left below.  There is a guy in bright yellow that is not too far up. 

We saw many people climbing the tower in various places.  The first time we saw climbers we sat there for a while watching them.  N2 also found places to climb around the back of the tower that was in the shade.  Here are N2 at the base of devil's tower (there was no boulder field on this side so they climbed up one rock so they had climbed part of Devil's Tower!)

There were TONS of Japanese tourists at Devil's Tower when we were there.  As N2 were getting their ranger badge (the ranger made them stand agains the wall so that it was better for pictures) there were several Japanese tourists taking pictures of them taking their junior ranger oath.

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