Sunday, July 26, 2015

Random Yellowstone

These pictures didn't quite fit in with other posts so I figured I would just create a random post.  You could still see the devastation from the wildfire that went through.  Trees are growing back and getting bigger but there are so many dead trees still standing.

We stopped at some of the smaller waterfalls along the roads.  This first one is Gibbon Falls.
This one is Firehole Falls.
We went out for a drive one night to see wildlife which we didn't see but we did see beautiful colors in the sky!

Here are pictures of my kids.  I really liked the tree that were standing by because it curved out both to the right and left plus curved farther up on the trunk.

Brian liked to take pictures of dead trees and I found the roots of a fallen tree very interesting.

We saw lots of wildflowers when we were out west and I took pictures of some of them.  I loved the fields covered in yellow flowers.  There were spots along the road where people were taking pictures of their kids in the flowers.  I decided not to because I figured my kids wouldn't cooperate.

There were two shades of lupines.

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