Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Tetons

We went to the Tetons on morning when we thought it was supposed to be nice weather-wise but we were wrong.  It was cloudy and rainy while we were there.  I think the weather was like that the whole time we were in Yellowstone.  We started out by going to the visitor's center and attending a ranger program about wild animals which was very informative.  N2 needed to attend a ranger program to get their Junior Ranger badge which was made of wood.  I ended up getting a touch of food poisoning from eating our lunch food that had gone bad (I realized the food didn't taste right after a bite or two but that was enough) so I told Brian to leave me at one of the lodge stops and take N2 up Signal Hill.  They were able to see the tops of the Tetons for a few minutes once they got to the top.

Nothing the views of the Tetons that I remember.  But now we have a reason to go back-to see the Tetons in sunlight and to see Daisy geyser since we missed that one :)  After Brian and N2 came back from Signal Mountain we headed back to the visitor's center so they could get their badges and then we headed back to Yellowstone.  I felt better so we ended up calling the geyser prediction number to find out that all the geysers were supposed to go off in a 3-4 hour window so we headed back to the Upper geyser basin.

On the way back to Yellowstone we stopped at Lewis Falls along the road.  N2 had fun climbing the logs to get a better view.

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