Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mud Volcano

On the day we were leaving Yellowstone we stopped at Mud Volcano once we had packed everything up.  We had thought there would be mudpots here but there weren't any.  Maybe it was too rainy and the mudpots got watered down?  This was by far the smelliest place we visited-so much so that I almost wanted to hold my nose and Rachel had to keep something up by her nose.  I think one of my kids help their nose at one place but I couldn't get a picture (it may not have even been at Mud Volcano).

Noah really loved Dragon's Mouth Spring.  We watched it for a while and then after we walked the whole trail, he had to go back to see it some more.  It just steamed and steamed from the cave and would push waves of water out.  The entrance to the cave had green rocks all around it.
 Brian realized that we didn't really have any photos to prove that we were together with Dan and Rachel on this trip so this was his way to remedy the situation.
 At Mud Volcano, we also saw Churning Cauldron which really lives up to its name.
Right next to this cauldron was this spot with bright green grass and things growing by the water.  It was so unexpected since everywhere else in Yellowstone, plants don't live that close to the hot springs.  This spring must not have been hot.
We then drove to North Dakota via the northeast entrance to the park.  That is where we saw a bear cub that we think was a black bear.  Once we got out of the park into the Beartooth Mountains we saw 2 more grizzly bears and got caught in an ice storm.  Our trip to Medora, ND took us 9 hours instead of the 6 that google maps said it should take.  The speed limit on the mountain roads was 70 mph and we moved about 25 mph.

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