Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Badlands

Our first day of our trip was all driving and N2 did great in the car!  We had a 12 hour (or maybe more) trip and they had plenty to entertain them in the car.  We stopped to see the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD-those pictures are on my phone and I need to figure out how to get them off :)  We stayed at some random town in SD and then drove to Minuteman Missile National Historic Monument in the morning where N2 got their junior ranger badges (boy was that easy!) and then toured the Badlands.  N2 were definitely ready for some climbing!  The first stop was basically an overlook but you could walk on top of some of the cliffs.  Noah surprised me by not wanting to get anywhere near the edge, he was very cautious which is a change from how he used to be!

It was hard to get good pictures of them right at the beginning because they said it was too bright.  This is the best we could do.

We then went for a hike/climb where there were trails out onto some of the tops of the hills (not sure what to call them).

There was another stop where we were hiking at the base of some of the hills and N2 really enjoyed that because there wasn't a trail and they could climb where they wanted to climb.  Notice the clouds getting darker-it started to rain just as we were about back to our car.  This seemed to set the stage for most of our trip.
 My little climbers:

 Noah photobombed by this sister in the first picture

 We found some cubby holes but most of the time the kids were reluctant to go in them.

We drove through the rest of the park but didn't stop much because of the rain.  We saw big horn sheep and prairie dogs.

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  1. Did you photoshop the colors in that second to last picture? It's beautiful! Looks like a nice place to hike. What did your kids like to do most in the car?