Monday, July 27, 2015

Teddy Roosevelt National Park

Our last nature stop was at Teddy Roosevelt National Park.  We stayed in Medora, ND which is quite the touristy town.  Everything is cash only which was a surprise to us and you can't get any groceries in the town and we had a kitchen to use.  Oh well, live and learn.  We did see the Medora Musical which was fun but hokey.

We started out our visit to Teddy Roosevelt with driving around the southern unit.  We saw A LOT of bison and some prairie dogs along the road.  We also saw wild horses which I though Natalie would love but she was kind of in a funk that day.  As we drove back from the northern unit we saw the horses again along the highway.

I really enjoyed the landscape of the park and the striped rock formations.   It was hard to catch the beauty and vastness of the park.  There wasn't tons of hiking so we did a lot of driving and walking to overlooks.  Like I said, Natalie was in a funk and the only way we got her out of the car at the first stop was to give her the binoculars and tell her to see what she could find.  Luckily she perked up.

 It was very windy at the top of one of the hills and N2 wanted to look like they were flying away.
After touring the southern unit we still had time before the musical so we decided to head up to the northern unit not knowing it was an hour away.  But we are very glad we drove up there because we thought the northern unit was more beautiful than the southern unit.  When we first got there we found a place to get out and climb.  It was definitely hot!  N2 loved to climb around on the rocks.

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