Friday, March 8, 2013

Children's Music Day

Brian's band program finally was able to get a children's music day off the ground.  He had tried several times before but didn't have the interest.  This year there was TONS of interest.  He set a maximum of 100 kids and he had that plus a few more!  He programmed it for ages 4 years to 3rd grade.  It was a drop off for kids 1st grade through 3rd grade.  His students ran the whole program.  There were stations and each group (grouped by age) rotated between the stations.  At the end of the rotations there was a concert specifically for kids.  I head great things from parents as did Brian.  He actually got an email from a mom saying that her kids emptied the recycling bin so they could make more instruments (one of the stations was making instruments).

***Warning, this post has a lot of pictures***

The first station that we went to was making instruments.  Each age group made different instruments based on their age.  The 4-5 year olds made shakers out of toilet paper rolls.  We put rice and beans inside and then taped a paper over the top and bottom.  Then we got to decorate the whole thing by putting tissue paper on contact paper and then putting the contact paper on the toilet paper roll.  Since we had a little extra time, we got to make paper plate tambourines.  The kids colored on the plates.  Then we put rice and beans inside and taped the plates shut.
Our next station was an instrument petting zoo.  Students had various instruments and the kids could try all of them.  The younger kids in our group (the 4 year olds) were a little overwhelmed by all the noise!  This included N2.  They clung to me and didn't want to try any instruments.  I finally convinced them to try some. Their favorite was the snare drum which happens to be Brian's and is stored in the basement.  We had a snack and then they decided they wanted to play the instruments since all the other kids were eating.

Our next rotation was a drum circle.  The kids got to go on stage and pick a drum.  My kids went straight for the bass drums and snare drums and didn't want to try the hand drums.  They got to switch instruments and N2 just switched with each other which Brian's students thought was really funny!  Each kid got to play a solo if they wanted.

Our last rotation of the day was a conducting station and a music writing station.  One of Brian's drum majors showed the kids in small groups how to conduct and then they got to conduct a video of the band.  Brian wandered around to make sure all the groups were running smoothly and he stopped to conduct with N2.

While the small groups of kids were conducting, the other kids were "writing" music.  They had staff paper and stickers.  They put their stickers wherever they wanted on the paper.  Then they took them to a student to play on the piano.  N2's compositions were quite complex!

The final part of the day was a concert.  All the kids got to go on stage and Brian led a rhythm band.
Then they got to conduct the band all together.  For some reason Natalie didn't want to participate.

We had a great time and it seems like everyone else did as well!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! Can we come next year? I think Amelia would really like to see what Uncle Brian does, especially since she just realizes he teaches music.

    1. I'll let you know if they do it again. I also don't know if he is going to open it up to 4-5 year olds again.