Thursday, March 14, 2013

Construction Party-Decorations

I had so much fun planning N2's construction party.  I found so many ideas on Pinterest that it was hard to stop!  We had N2's birthday party at the Neighborhood Museum in Round Lake.  N2 love this museum as do I!  We had the party scheduled for the day before their birthday and since all of us were sick, we had to cancel.  Luckily we were able to reschedule 3 weeks later at the same time.  I had made all the decorations and food beforehand so I had to remake all the food and I had to make more decorations because everyone who couldn't come to the first party was able to come to this party.

Here is how I set the table.  Each kid had a hard hat with his/her name on it (from Oriental Trading Co).  I wrote their name with Sharpie.  On the back of the chairs was a toolbelt that I made (with Marcie's help!)  I found the directions for making them here.  They really weren't hard to make at all!  They were my first ever sewing project.  I found the digger fabric and everything else I needed to sew the tool belts at Wal-mart.

The cones were from Oriental Trading Co.  We also used them for the bottom of the balloons (we did have to weigh them down a little more too) and had to make a hole in the top. The caution tape came from Amazon.  I used my kit Trucks and Tractors to make the circles on the cups and napkins.  I also used the kit for the food signs, the invitations and the goody bags.  Cups, napkins and forks were from Party City.  The plates were ordered from Birthday in a Box.
The tags say "I hope you DUG my party.  Thanks for coming!" I found digger bags at the Dollar Tree.  Inside the goody bags are construction ducks, tool bubbles (both from Oriental Trading Co.), a digger (Party City), and construction silly bands (Amazon).  The kids also got to take home these sticker pages.  I had intended for them to do the stickers at the party but we ran out of time (ordered Oriental Trading Co).
The party was from noon to 2 and we weren't in the party room until 1:30 so I just wanted to have snacks and cakes.  Here's the food table.
I served "wrecking balls"-melon balls, "logs"-pretzel rods tied together with licorice, "bricks"-cheese cubes, and "construction vehicles"-jello jigglers cut using a cement mixer and excavator cookie cutters.  I made the saw horse food signs with my digital scrapbook kit, Trucks and Tractors.

Of course we had to have construction cakes.  Natalie was adamant that she was having a dump truck party and wanted a dump truck cake.  She originally wanted a pink dump truck but changed her mind at the last minute to an orange dump truck.

The cones on the second cake are candles!  We had a great time!  I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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