Saturday, March 9, 2013

Preschool Valentine's Day Party

N2's Valentine's Day party was on the 13th as there was no preschool on the 14th.  I think that's where we picked up our stomach bug!  I was room mom for the class party so I planned all the games and ran them.  I don't have pictures of all of them because I was running the games.  I think all the kids had a good time and the teacher seemed pleased too!

Here are the flowers we took to their teachers.

The first game we played was a whole class song game called Sweetheart Dance.  I found the idea online and the author is unknown.  You give each kid a red, yellow or blue heart and they have to follow the words in the song.

Sung To: "Skip to my Lou"

Red hearts, red hearts, take a bow
Yellow hearts, yellow hearts, take a bow
Blue hearts, blue hearts, take a bow
Now all hearts jump up right now.
Yellow hearts, yellow hearts touch the ground
Blue hearts, blue hearts touch the ground
Red hearts, red hearts touch the ground
Now all hearts turn round and round.
Blue hearts, blue hearts, wit right down
Red hearts, red hearts, sit right down
Yellow hearts, yellow hearts sit right down
Now all stand and run to town! (run in place)

We had to stop after each line to get the kids to do the motions the first time through.  They also didn't know what a bow was at first.  We played it again and they were much better at it.

We did the craft next because it had to dry.  We made coffee filter hearts that I did with N2.  The only problem was drying them.  We stacked them up on the paper plates but only the ones on the tops were dry by the time the party was over. 

After that I gave each kid a bag of candy hearts and challenged them to build towers to see how many they could stack up.  (Not sure what Noah was doing in the picture here)
 Some kids were very good at making towers and other kids got a little frustrated.  I also encouraged them to sort the candy hearts into colors to see which color they had the most of.  They got to keep their bag of hearts to take home.

After that we played a more active game.  I put hearts out on the floor and they had to jump from one heart to the other without touching the floor.  I used construction paper hearts because that is what the teacher had but poster board hearts really would have held up better.

We ended the games by playing a matching game.  Each kid got a piece of a heart and they had to find the heart's partner.  N2 helped me make this game.  I cut a heart in half in an interesting way.  I wrote a number on one side and N2 put the coordinating number of stickers on the other side.  I cut each heart in half using different ways so that the hearts could only be matched up with its partner.  The kids had trouble with this game even though they did know the numbers and could count the stickers.  They just had no idea how to find their partner!  We had to help the kids and they did eventually find their partners.  After that it was snack time.  I brought in heart shaped fruit.
Then they passed out valentine's which took a long time.  It was a great party!

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