Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentine's Craft 2

I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to try it.  We made these at N2's Valentine's Day party at school as well.

coffee filters
washable markers

Cut a heart shape out of a coffee filter.  Have your child color on the heart.  It's best to use a lot of color but not color in the entire heart.  Scribbling is actually the way to go.  Noah would NOT scribble though so his hearts don't look too tie dyed.  You don't want to color all one color in the same area.  You want to scribble all around.

 This is the way you want to do it but with more colors.  You don't need to have it colored it quite this much.
 This is the way you DON'T want to do it.  It doesn't turn out looking tie dyed plus it takes forever to color one heart!
Then put a paper plate down and have your child drop droplets of water on the heart.  The key is to get the right amount of water.  You don't want too much or it will just blend the colors together so your heart looks one colored and you don't want too little where you can see the marker strokes.  It's a fine balance.  Once the heart looked how we wanted it to, I would take a paper towel and mop up the water.  It doesn't take long for these to dry.
Here's some of our hearts.  I made several so that we could figure out the best way to do it.  Natalie made a ton of these and we sent them to grandparents for Valentine's Day.  I think Noah made 3 :)
We did stick to red, pink and purple markers.  We did try with blue and that looked fairly nice too.  Noah wanted orange and that made it look a little muddy when putting water on it.  I would stick to just a few colors that would blend together well.

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