Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Well we finally got snow on 2nd of February, 2 years to the date after snowmaggedon.  The snow wasn't good for making a snowman or throwing snowballs but they could go sledding the shovel the snow (Noah LOVES to shovel the snow). 

 It was cold and Noah kept complaining about the snow getting in his sleeves or boots so he kept coming and going.  I wish they made mittens longer so they could be tucked in kids' jackets.  Noah would watch all the fun from inside and then decide that he wanted to come back outside.  I think he did this 3 different times.  Aunt Lisa was coming over to drop something off so we told her to bring Charlie's snow stuff so he could play with us.  Natalie started out by sledding.  She loves to sled down our hill.  There wasn't too much snow so we had to keep putting snow on the sled track!

After Charlie came, he had his first experience sledding.  We put all three kids in one sled.

Natalie and Charlie had a great time playing outside.  We had to drag them inside once we thought they had played outside long enough in the cold.

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