Monday, February 4, 2013


N2 really seem to love tumbling but I haven't been impressed with the tumbling offered through the park district.  I thought the first instructor (when we had class at 11 on Fridays) was OK but the class we most recently had (2 on Tuesday), the instructor was worse.  Plus class started late and ended early.  I don't know if I really want to take them to tumbling at a gym because I imagine that is MUCH more expensive.  I know the YMCA in Palatine has lots more tumbling classes because they have a gymnastics gym but I'm not sure I want to drive that far.  So far, N2 have not mentioned missing tumbling so I'll wait until they ask to go back and then I'll figure out what we want to do.  Here are some pictures of them in their last class.  They have a small preschool gym and it has a tumble track and an obstacle course.  They did get to go to the big gym to use the trampoline there and also a foam pit that they got to jump in.  I wasn't allowed in, so I didn't get pictures.  A foam pit sounds super fun though!

One of the things they worked on with the kids was doing hand stands against the wall and then going into a forward roll from there.  I think my kids need to work on their upper body strength!

 They loved to bounce down the tumble track.  They were supposed to bounce with their hands above their heads but they often didn't do that.  Sorry for the bad pictures-it's hard to get pictures in this gym with the lighting and also they were moving so much!

They also had to walk a balance beam with bean bags on it so that they had to step or jump over the bean bags.  N2 didn't really like the balance beam that much.

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