Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Face Paint Crayons

One of the things that N2 got for Christmas from Aunt Marcie were face paint crayons.  Since they liked painting their face so much at the zoo, Aunt Marcie found these crayons and thought they would be perfect (I did approve the gift).  N2 couldn't wait to play with them but I kept finding excuses like "it's too late already" and "you're not taking a bath today."  But finally we found a good time and they went to town painting their faces.

 I like how Noah's face looks like a sad clown.  They really enjoyed themselves but they did NOT like to get cleaned up.  The blue and black had to be scrubbed really hard and didn't even come off all the way. Natalie looked like she was bruised after her bath because of the black crayon.  Luckily by morning you didn't notice anything because that would have been fun to explain to the teacher!  They have painted their faces again but I didn't let them use the black or blue.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! They are such amazingly awesome face painters! I love the first photo of Natalie, and the last one of her kind of looks like she had a lobotomy. And I agree - Noah's looks just like a sad clown. Too funny! Sorry some of them don't wash off well, just let them use those on Fridays. :)