Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sports Class: Basketball

Noah was really excited for this week of sports class because they were playing basketball!  That's what he signed up for!  Not sure where he got his enthusiasm for basketball as I don't think we own one nor do we have a hoop.  Although both kids are now asking for a basketball hoop for their birthday! Since they've hardly ever played basketball it goes without saying that they had no idea how to dribble.  It was kind of funny to watch!   You see the coach helping them and he's teaching Noah with his right hand.  Grr.

Then they moved on to shooting baskets.  They had a short hoop up but they also had the regular hoops and the coach encouraged them to try the regular hoops.  Noah tried quite a bit but Natalie liked the little hoop.  How do you like Noah's moves in the last picture?  Surprisingly there were kids who could throw the ball and hit the hoop.  There were a couple baskets made too but not by my kids.


  1. I LOVE that last photo of Noah doing whatever he is doing (dancing the Charleston? while kicking a basketball over his head?) What a fun class for your kids to take!

    1. Um, he was throwing the ball at the net :)