Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Family Birthday Party-Cake

I had planned on using one of the cakes that I had made for the friends' party at the family party last weekend but since both parties were canceled, the cakes are undecorated in the freezer.  I wanted to have both cakes for the friends' party so that meant I had to make something for today.  I decided to go easy and make cupcakes.  I saw a picture of cupcakes made into a dump truck and I knew I had to make that!  My kids argued for quite some time on what color to make the dump truck.  Luckily at the last minute, they agreed on the color or I was just going to pick it!
 Instead of having the load be on the cutting board, I cut the remaining 2 cupcakes in half and put oreos and m&m's on them.
I let N2 pick which cupcake they wanted and put candles in those.  It was Uncle Dan's birthday too so he got to pick his cupcake as well.  We sang happy birthday to Natalie first and she seemed to really enjoy it.

Noah covered his eyes the whole time we were singing.  He told me later that he didn't want to have his picture taken.  He blew his candles out so fast that I didn't really get a good picture.

We sang to Uncle Dan too and then everyone helped blow out candles.
I think everyone had a good time.  I know I did and N2 did!  Thanks everyone for coming!

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