Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dance Class

I meant to post these pictures a long time ago but I just got too busy.  N2's dance class ended the week before Christmas and the last class was an observation class where parents could watch.  It was fun to see what they did in class.  They started class out with stretches.

Then they practiced their butterfly feet (first postion), plies and arm positions.
 Then they took turns going around a track of orange circles.  First they were supposed to be in first position on the circle and then jump to second position on the sides of the circle.  Needless to say most kids were not too careful with this and the teacher had to do it in front of them.

Then they had to walk on their tip toes over the circles.
By this point of all the kids going around the "track" 2 times, they were getting antsy so the teacher got out the ribbons they could dance however they wanted to.  Then she would call out various things for them to imitate in their dance such as puppies, marching and more that I can't remember.  My kids loved this part!
I think they enjoyed the class but they are just enjoying trying all sorts of new things!


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  2. Natalie's braids are really cute, and she's doing a good job with her first position plie! When Amelia does that, her butt sticks out so she looks like a duck. They look like they were having fun!