Friday, February 22, 2013

More snow

After the small amount of snow we got over the first weekend of February, we got at least 6 inches the following Thursday.  Brian's after school activities were canceled so he was able to come home and play in the snow with N2 although it took him over an hour to get home so it got a little late when they played outside.  This was AWESOME snow to pack!  We built our first snowman (at least I don't think we've every built a snowman before with N2).  Noah is hugging the snowman in the first picture.  Natalie wouldn't pose for a picture with the snowman.

Natalie liked to go around and eat snow.  She constantly had snow in her hand that she was munching on!

Brian made a great snow fort with N2.  He filled up buckets, packed them down and then stacked them in a circle and then packed snow between them.  He rolled a giant round disc of snow and put that as the "door."  He then dug a tunnel into the fort under the disc.  He added a second tier of buckets and packed that down. It truly was an awesome snow fort. It was dark by the time the fort was done so I didn't get great pictures.

 I didn't get a picture of the snow fort all the way finished.  Unfortunately it got warm not long after and rained so our snowman melted and the snow fort was melted down as well.  So they didn't have too much of a chance to play with the fort.

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