Saturday, February 23, 2013


As many of you already know, N2's birthday weekend was a total bust.  Natalie came down with a stomach bug on Valentine's Day.  Their friends' birthday party was supposed to be on Saturday, as well as their family party.  After Natalie threw up again on Friday (when I thought we were in the clear), I decided to reschedule their birthday parties.  Good thing because I came down with the stomach bug Saturday morning.  Noah woke up on Sunday (their actual birthday) with the bug.  What a way to spend your birthday!  We spent the day watching movies and staying in our pj's.  We weren't going to give N2 their birthday presents since Noah wasn't feeling well but then after naps, Noah really perked up and seemed to be feeling much better and had energy.  Here are my birthday kids.
And before you ask, yes those are Natalie's pajamas.  I bought Noah fleece digger pajamas that were supposed to be for next winter but when they went to PJ storytime, Noah had nothing to wear that wasn't footie pajamas, so I broke them out.  Natalie threw quite the fit because SHE wanted digger pjs.  I should have known.  I searched all around and couldn't find the same ones but I did find these and after some convincing, she decided they were OK.

Brian surprised me by getting N2 something by himself.  His dad got him his own toolbox with real tools on his 4th birthday so N2 got their own toolboxes with real tools on their 4th birthday too!

Then we gave them their bikes.  They were so excited to have their own bikes!  We let them ride around the first floor for a good 20-30 minutes.  If you look at Natalie's picture, you'll see her hair blowing.  She could get moving quite quickly!  She also figured out how to stand while pedaling to get moving a little faster.  I'm going to have to watch out for her!
 I made them pose for pictures too.

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