Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Birthday Party-Presents and Decor

After the games, we had N2 open their presents.  They got some really fun new toys that are currently all around my living room floor!  I think they've played with almost everything already!

While Brian and I took care of lunch the kids played with the new toys.  I think everyone enjoyed them!

We had a lunch of taco salad, taquitos, refried beans, corn, and quesadillas.  My kids love this kind of food! Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of the kids table as they were too busy eating and wouldn't stop eating to take a picture!  Here's how I served the chips.
Here are a few decorations I made.  I found a lot of these ideas via Pinterest.  I made the wreath using a wire wreath form and tied pieces of caution tape all around it.  Brian thought I was a little crazy for doing that.  I made the signs on Photoshop and printed them on cardstock.

I'll show you the cake tomorrow!

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