Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family Birthday Party-Games

We were finally able to have N2's family birthday party yesterday.  We had such a good time!  N2 were so excited when people started to arrive!  Once their cousins arrived, we started some games.  The first one was a scavenger hunt.  Brian and I hid construction equipment around the house and the kids had a paper with pictures of what they needed to find.  Amelia, Natalie and Noah found all of them!  The other cousins wanted to play with toys instead.

Then we played ring toss.  The kids had to toss rings around cones.  I didn't get pictures of Amelia because I was handing out the rings.

After that we played wrecking ball bowling.  Dan and Brian built the towers (much fancier than I would have done).  The kids had a great time rolling the ball to knock down the blocks!

Charlie's version was to go over with his hands and knock over the tower.
Then the kids just wanted to build with blocks although Charlie wanted to knock down the buildings as quickly as they could build!
I'll post more about the party tomorrow!

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  1. What creative ideas! I'm so impressed with all that you come up with for your kiddos. I'll have to raid your Pinterest files when it's birthday time for my boys! :)