Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sports Class-Football

N2's sports class has been over for a couple weeks but I just hadn't sorted through the pictures yet!  The class advertised that they would play soccer, t-ball, and basketball.  I don't think the coach wanted to repeat anything so they got to play football and floor hockey as well (they did play soccer twice since their coach had an unexpected flat tire on his way to class and someone else had to fill in).  I don't think N2 have ever seen a football or a football game so I don't think they had a clue what to do!  But at the end of class the coach told me I had 2 future football players on my hands.  Ha!  Very unlikely.

The coach started by showing them how to hold to ball really tight. (See the first picture)  They had to run and the coaches tried to get the ball out of their hands (they didn't try really hard!)  Look at that fierce football player with her tongue stuck out!  When they got to the "end zone" they got to spike the ball.   Natalie made a good running back because instead of running down the line of cones, she ran far away from the coaches so they couldn't get her.

Then they got to practice hiking the ball.  This was quite amusing!

 Then they got to practice throwing the ball, passing, and catching the ball.  Very few kids could catch the ball.  I guess the second shot of Noah could be considered good form but what do I know about football?

They seemed to really like football and asked if we could play football at home.  I went searching through the balls we have and we do have a small football.  But we haven't practiced yet.

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