Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kohl's Children Museum

We went to the Kohl's Children's Museum a few weeks ago because I bought a deal for half off admission.  Dad came with us and went some friends there.  They seemed to have a great time but they did get hungry so we had to leave earlier than I had planned to go have lunch at Walker Brother's.  Maybe that was the start of Noah's growth spurt!  I was glad to have dad there so that the kids could go in different directions which they did most of the time we were there.
Noah spent time in the baby hospital.  I love how well he took care of the babies!  He gave them shots in their heart and he listened to their lungs while they were face down.  What a great doctor!

They also did a LOT of grocery shopping.
We spent a lot of time working with the crane which was actually hard for them to maneuver on their own.

We also spent a lot time with the wheelbarrows and the conveyor belt.

 Natalie seems to love pretending to be a veterinarian and taking care of animals.  She spent a lot of time in that area at the museum.  While she was there, she talked on the phone and I love this picture because I can just imagine her when she is older and talking on the phone and being exasperated with me!

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