Saturday, March 30, 2013

Museum of Science and Industry

We decided we'd do a staycation as well during spring break because we're going on a big trip at the beginning of the summer.  So on Tuesday we decided to venture into the city to visit a museum.  What a mistake!  We might as well just visit those in the summer and they would be much less busy.  Except for not being able to find a space to sit we had a good time even though it was crowded.

N2 were the most excited about being able to go on a plane.  I guess we really need to take them on a real airplane sometime!  They were anxious to look out the windows and sit in the seats.  They wanted to sit in the cockpit however it's blocked off-you can see it but not enter it.

Then we moved to the storm exhibits.  They had some things that didn't really fit with storms but that's OK.  Here's Natalie working the giant Newton's Cradle exhibit.  You get it pick if the machine pulls 1,2 or 3 balls back and you get to watch what happens.  The machine stops it really quickly though so you don't get to watch it for long.
There were pipes with blowing air that you could put a ball on.  Natalie realized that you could move the pipe around and blow the ball in different directions.
There were plasma globes (we think that is the right name) and N2 were very hesitant to touch them.  I touched them and so then they would try.  Noah did try but  I didn't get a picture.  Here's Natalie being very hesitant.
Right up there was the embryo exhibit and both of them really wanted to look at it.  Then we experimented  with magnets for a while but had to leave because the electrical storm started and neither kid liked it.  We visited the space center and the submarine exhibit (but not inside the sub).  On the way to the space center and the sub exhibit we passed through the hallway where you could play piano with lights (Noah loved this) and the circus exhibit (they were both very intrigued-we'll have to go to the circus soon!)
 Here's Noah crawling through a sub door.
After that we went to the kid's area but that wasn't really worth it after being at nice children's museums.  It's not worth the wait.  Here's Noah having fun with spraying water there.
After that we went to see the chicks where we saw one hatch.  Then we visited the trains and then it was time to go.  No visit to the fairy castle.  Maybe when they are older we'll pay for the Coal Mine.

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